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Tomasz Klim
Over 15 years IT experience

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I worked for:

Grupa AllegroReduTaxFajne.ITWikiaTaniBackupInternet Cable ProviderKomputronikEuronetTroks International
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Looking for experienced IT architect?

I have over 22 years experience in server administration, web application scaling and IT architecture. I worked for the biggest and most demanding companies, like Wikia or Allegro Group.

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Tomasz Klim
Tomasz Klim

Tomasz Klim

I'm an IT architect with over 22 years of commercial experience in IT, including almost 10 years spent with scaling large applications for companies such as Wikia, Allegro Group, or Komputronik. I was awarded with the prestigious MIH Technologist Distinguished title (as the only one in Poland and one of the 11 people in the whole world).

As software architect, I built biggest Polish e-commerce payment platform "Pay with Allegro" (currently known as "PayU"). Meanwhile I have been involved in implementation of standards such as PCI DSS for financial institutions.

Currently, I work on Fajne.IT ("Cool IT") server management automation platform.

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  • MySQL, MariaDB, Percona
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Postgres


  • VMware
  • LXC

AI / Machine Learning

  • OpenCV
  • TensorFlow / TF Lite
  • CUDA / OpenCL
  • Intel Movidius platform
  • Google Coral platform

Public clouds

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud

Over 15 years IT experience

12.2014 - now Fajne.IT
Architect, Leading Administrator

1. I created (initially for the TaniBackup platform, then moved to separate business) the automation platform to efficiently manage large numbers of servers belonging to different companies - lighter and cheaper than Puppet or Chef frameworks.

Part of this platform has been released as open source software, available for free ("Server Farmer" project on

2. Currently I'm responsible for further development of this platform, and for management of our IT services.

06.2013 - now ReduTax
Leading Administrator

I'm responsible for overall IT security and business continuity, including server and services administration (Linux, Windows, Insert GT ERP).

04.2013 - 01.2015 Legalny Mailing
Software Architect

1. I created (initially for the TaniBackup platform, then moved to separate business) an email marketing platform - polish competitor of eg. MailChimp, cheaper and with much better delivery rate to polish subscribers because of better polish-spam-filter bypassing technology.

2. I created a handful of email cleaning, repairing and sorting algorithms. These algorithms can take low quality email address database as input, and fully automatically fix over 200 bugs, anomalies and anti-spam traps in addresses (and detect even more problems to be fixed manually).

03.2011 - now TaniBackup
Architect, Leading Administrator

I designed and created from scratch scalable online backup platform, that combines the best features of competing services (eg. Amazon S3) with the ability to access your data via the rsync protocol, and the lowest price in the market price (at the time the public starting in Q1 2013).

My contribution consisted mainly of:

1. Decentralized network infrastructure, based on HP ProLiant servers and Mikrotik routers.

2. Scalable architecture, enabling sharding the service up to 250 data centers while maintaining the possibility of migrating individual customers between datacentres without changes in access data delivered to the customers.

3. Load balancing algorithms that monitor usage/saturation of individual links in data centers, and automatically schedule migration of individual customer accounts between data centers.

4. Distributed monitoring platform based on Cacti software.

5. Automation platform for efficient, multiple, multi-company server management (way cheaper than Puppet / Chef frameworks). Parts of this platform have been released as open source.

12.2007 - 10.2014 Grupa Allegro
Software Architect, Programmer, MIH Distinguished Technologist

Most important successes and activities from 2007 to 2014:

1. Technical architect, leading developer, technical owner, chief technical consultant of "Place z Allegro" payment platform ("Pay with Allegro", polish Paypal competitor, recently rebranded to "PayU"). Responsible for related strategic projects, architecture overseeing, scheduling, assigning and verifying maintenance work etc. In addition to technical knowledge, holds wide business-related knowledge on many aspects of the service.

2. Technical architect and leading developer of the biggest MVNO platform in Poland, in cooperation with Gadu Gadu.

3. Lecturer of several internal workshops and trainings from the area of IT and project management.

4. Pioneer and evangelist of object oriented programming. Initiator of Allegro platform migration from PHP 4.x to 5.x.

5. Founder of department knowledge base regarding Allegro technical platform. First author of platform documentation.

In recognition of outstanding achievements, rewarded with MIH Distinguished Technologist title, as the only person from Poland and one of 11 employees of MIH Group/Naspers worldwide.

01.2007 - 12.2007 Wikia
Senior Programmer / Project Manager

I was responsible for extending open source MediaWiki software in many ways, improving usability of hosted sites, and allowing integration of external technologies in these sites.

Some examples of projects I managed are:

1. Wikia Widgets, allowing users to redesign their pages using just drag&drop. That was my biggest project, being developed by 9 people in total (including myself). My technical role in this project is database structure design and optimalization, backend design and implementation, and also implementation of a few widgets.

2. Tools for site administrators, scanning several search engines and making popularity analysis of hosted sites.

3. Next generation database layer to replace MediaWiki functionalities and improve sites' efficiency where possible.

4. Antispam protections for content sent from hosted sites, integration with several external antispam engines and services.

02.2005 - 12.2006 Komputronik
Programmer / Project Manager

I was responsible for internal and external analytics systems, and integration of ERP solutions. My main field of responsibility was an internal data warehouse solution, cooperating with several ERP instances at several business units in the whole country.

Some examples of projects I managed are:

1. Komputronik Viper - scalable and extendable business process integration engine. Lightweight alternative to Microsoft BizTalk Server. Written in Visual Basic 6.0, able to cooperate with all popular database engines and network protocols. Used internally to integrate over 15 ERP instances, and planned as a platform for future projects for external customers.

2. Internal sales reporting systems, based on Oracle data warehouse built using Viper.

Additionally I used to be in the team of 5 people implementing MAXeBiznes ERP system, and replacing over 15 instances of Symfonia Handel.

09.2004 - 02.2005 Internet Cable Provider
Programmer / Administrator

I was one of key developers of the internal vindication application for "Grupa TKP", which is an association of most CATV providers in Poznań and the whole region (initiated by TKP S.A., which is one of the biggest providers and also the owner of Internet Cable Provider Sp. z o.o.).

I was responsible mainly for vindication rules (because of my experience at this field), and database development and administration (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, PostgreSQL).

Additionally I cooperated with CATV specialists in field of integration of vindication software with fully automatic management of subscribers' services.

07.2003 - 10.2004 Euronet
Leading Programmer / CTO

My main field of responsibility was an antivirus program "Euroscan", which development I managed as both project and team manager (almost 20 people overall), and additionally as a leading programmer and designer.

Also I was in charge of kernel-level integration of antivirus functionalities into Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD systems, and administration of these systems.

Additionally to Euroscan project, I dealt with management of all other company's activities (except sales representatives' activities) in technical and financial fields.

My other competences included recruitment and cooperation with external companies and freelancers, and also cooperation with ClamAV open source antivirus project, to which I occasionally sent code for inclusion and wide testing.

12.2002 - 03.2003 Troks International

I was responsible for development of polish vindication software for small vindication offices named "Egzekutor 2003" (used technologies: Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Borland Delphi 6.0, embedded MySQL) as analyst, designer and programmer.

07.2002 - 11.2002 HejNet
Leading Programmer

I was the designer and leading programmer of internet portal of promotions and sell-outs named "Bolero" (used technologies: TCL, MySQL). I managed a team of 4 people (including myself) in all technical fields.

As a result of project's success, in April 2003 I received an offer to become CTO in newly created Euronet Sp. z o.o. owned by the same investor.

01.1999 - 06.2002 Freelance
Freelance administrator and programmer

I developed many solutions (mainly websites and mailing/messaging solutions) and managed many small servers (Linux, Windows NT4/2000) for various companies, especially in my home town.

The most interesting examples from these solutions were an auction site and banner rotation system, both written in ASP 2.0 using MS SQL Server.


Poznan University of Technology, Information Technology

Master of Science in Information Technology

Specialization: Electronic Economy
2008 - 2010
Poznan University of Technology, Information Technology
Poznan College of Communications and Management

Bachelor of Engineering

Specialization: Systems and network administrator
2003 - 2007
Poznan College of Communications and Management

Selected courses and certificates

Red Hat Certified System Administrator
Cisco CCNA
Enterprise Architect
ITIL Foundation v3
Professional Scrum Master I

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